dr. Jasdeep Deol

Dr. Deol completed her Doctorate of Optometry from University of Waterloo.  During her studies she completed an ocular disease and therapeutic externship in Louisville, Kentucky where she worked at the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute.  She worked along with other doctors at the institute diagnosing and treating medical conditions of the eye such as glaucoma, diabetes of the eye, cornea disease, eye infections, as well as other serious vision issues.  


Dr. Singh is the newest member to join Family Eye Care in 2017. He received his Doctor of Optometry in Chicago from the Illinois College of Optometry. During his studies, he completed an externship at the John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where he diagnosed and treated ocular disease and other vision related problems. He also presented original research at the annual American Academy of Optometry meeting in 2016. Outside of the office, Dr. Singh enjoys playing basketball, traveling and watching movies.

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